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Components Supply

If you are organising your own production or simply sell components in retail — Krasal Group is your reliable and effective source of materials.

We offer wide choice of electronic components, not only produced by us but from other vendors as well, being exclusive most of the time.


Explore our wide offer of cables. All types, all lenghts. And if we don't have something - we will design a new cable for you.

Cooling & Fans

We deliver market-leading cooling solutions for you devices. From simple fans for your PC to individually designed solutions.


Jack or socket is a simple but essential part of any device. Check out our range of jacks we supply worldwide.

LED Lightning Products

There are thousands of LED manufacturers and suppliers around. The same time Krasal Group could become a leader in this field providing our customers with customized and high quality solutions.

PCB printing

PCB is a basis for your device. We provide high quality printing based on your layout or designed by our engineers.