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ODM/OEM Solutions

Krasal Group is dedicated to provide customers with complete benefit of new technology in form of comprehensive and easy-to-use products.

From simple and ready-to-market ODM devices to comprehensive long-term OEM projects - Krasal Group is your best partner.

LCD/LED Monitors

We provide small and medium size TFT LCD/LED monitors of different size and configuration.

Set Top Boxes & Media Players

The paradigm of TV broadcasting is moving to IP and digital. Variety of devices to connect to media resources we design for your market needs.

Internal PCI cards & Host Adapters

Considering the variety of data exchange interfaces, like SATA, USB3.0, PCI Express, ExpressCard, GigaNet, FireWire, USB2.0, CompactFlash, POST I/O and MultiBay Storage, Krasal Group provide the full range of PCI card products to customers.


Whole range of PC accessories, like keyboards, mice, Skype USB phones, and other USB powered devices, we can provide to your market with your brand on it.

Networking Products

We develop and manufacture innovative IP-based products and accessories, from simple PSTN modems, to ADSL, Ethernet, high speed Wi-Fi, and 3G solutions.