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Cooling Solutions & Fans

Our specialised coolers are designed to fit more than one type of socket while giving some of the best available cooling features such as heatpipe technology, copper designs and much more.

Brushless DC Fans

Brushless DC fans are available at a variety of nominal voltages (5V, 12V, 24V and 48V) and sizes - from 25x25mm up to 172x150mm. Those are used for for cooling electronics in cabinets and enclosures for computers, telecommunications and medical equipment.

DC Blowers

Bsically, blower is a specially designed fan. Blowers can achieve much higher air pressures than fans, providing a constant volume of air even if the system pressure varies.

Brushless AC Fans

In general, AC cooling fans have motors that use higher voltage than DC cooling fans, so the AC models are often used to produce high pressure air currents in systems that will not malfunction because of the fan's electromagnetic interference.

Heat Sinks

Heat sink is a passive component that cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding air. Heat sinks are used to cool electronic components such as high-power semiconductor devices, and optoelectronic devices.

You can download full catalogue of Fans & Cooling Solutions below or simply contact us directly with your specific request.