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Server Chassis, Cabinets & PSU

Rackmount Cases are designed for server enterprise solutions. They fit into server PC rack mounts.

These PC cases are available in specific server sizes namely 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U etc. Advanced features on these cases include handles and specific drive bay slots.

Industrial PC Chassis

We offer a wide range of Industrial PC Chassis. Variuos standard computing peripherals can be integrated with the chassis to meet different application requirements.


Enclosed Cabinets for servers, networking & monitoring systems, such as IBM and INTEL servers.

Open-Rack Cabinets

One frame cabinet is for simple systems or cabling components holders; two frame - for steady and heavy-loaded server systems.

Wall-Mount Rack Systems

When you don't need a full server rack or cabinet, consider a wall mount rack or wall mount cabinet. Enclosed or open, they're a versatile choice conserving space and money. Our wall mount racks come in dozens of sizes, heights, depths and models.

Optical Fiber Enclosure

Our soution to efficiently manage your cabling system.

Power Distribution Unit

Rack-based PDUs are used for taking the supplied voltage and current and distributing it electrically to more common outlets, for example from 240 V 30 A single phase to multiple 120 V 15 A or 120 V 20 A plugs.