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New powerful Android IPTV solution for home
4 April 2013

Jakarta, Indonesia: Krasal Group present new Android set top box with built-in DVB-T2 module for IPTV and OTT service providers and home users.

The new generation of digital terrestrial television, called DVB-T2, is already adopted in numerous countries worldwide. Now this broadcasting technology allows people to receive high definition TV signal at their homes getting high quality access to free to air channels first of all.

Android DVB-T2 set top box Previously, Krasal Media, part of Krasal Group, introduced simple but powerful DVB-T2 set top boxes for Russian, Indonesian, Thailand markets where products were quite successful.

This year, new generation of set top boxes is introduced by Krasal Media. AD-T4000 is a unique solution which combines DVB-T2 module with IP TV system and controlled by the latest Android OS. Now, Internet TV and Video on Demand services can be fully supported by your set top box. Basically, you get a full featured Android mini-computer, which can transform your TV into a Smart TV, while still capable to display digital terrestrial television.

The idea of such a device, perhaps, is not new. However, new technology is implemented in AD-T4000 set top boxes. AD-T4000 series set top boxes are created in collaboration with HiSilicon Technologies Co. (part of Huawei Technologies Co.), featuring their powerful chipset Hi3716C. This processor based on ARM Cortex A9 architecture with embedded powerful Vivante GPU is capable of full-hardware processing of not only standard definition 2D videos but high bandwidth 3D videos as well.

Moreover, these set top boxes should be interesting for telecom operators as well, since Krasal AD-T4000 devices can support Over-the-Top (OTT) services enabling telecom and service providers worldwide to instantly start their IPTV service without integration headaches and troubles with poor video quality over networks. Due to support of various kinds of video codecs and media streaming protocols new operators can find it quite simple to implement AD-T4000 devices into their systems, since little modifications are needed.

"We believe that this new set top box will attract not only retail customers but telecom operators as well," said Mr. Jonathan Still, CEO of Krasal Group. "To gain attention of both groups we created our product following the basic rules: make it stylish, modern, and up-to-date in terms of technology and features. Make it different – that was our motto while we were designing the new AD-T4000 set top box series."

Note to Editors:

Krasal Group is a multinational group of electronics manufaturing and distribution companies, employing more than 3000 people worldwide and operating in 7 countries. The Group has three businesses - Engineering and Manufacturing, Distribution and Consulting - providing computer hardware design and manufacturing, IT engineering, ODM OEM service, components supply and industry/Project consulting to our partners worldwide.

For further information contact:
Jack Huang, Corporate Communications - EMEA, Krasal Group